Plant upright tying tape tool


Tying plant branches by hand is very time-consuming work. Start dominating with our Plant upright tying tape tool and tying plant branches 10x faster today and save time! Easy and simple operation, you can operate with one hand. Only one squeeze of the handle stretches, the tape between the jaws ready to wrap around the plant stem and support. It uses a smooth tape that does not injure the plant and strong enough to withstand tug and pull caused by strong winds. This tool also has an anti-slip grip, easily staples your plants and saves you energy, time and effort. Usable for a variety of different plants such as Grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, so for every plant that needs support. Trellis your plants the smart way! Buy it now!

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Widely Usage: Our tape tool can be used for different kinds of plants such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers and the branches of plant. Upgraded Accessories: 12 rolls of tape,other sellers only provide 10 tapes 1 tape tool ,1 box of staples ,no need to order staples and tape separately. Easy Operate: First you may pull out the strap then put the branch into the strap, press down and release the binding machine. Pack your plants effectively.  Adjustable Width: The opening width can be adjusted at any time depending on the width you need which make your work more convenient. Firmly Pack: Made up of stainless steel. Durable pressure foot and make you hook straps more stable


  • Professional-Grade Tape tool.
  • Very easy to use, provided quick action: ~wrap & tie~ in few seconds, save you a lot of time, labor & energy
  • It will look very professional & neat look on your plant/yard. It will work on all kind of plants, especially on soft stem vegetable, fruit tree & more.

How to use:

1st step: slightly squeeze the handles, the sharp hook will pull the tape out from the tape holding guard, then the tape is in the position to wrap.
2nd step: slightly push the tape against plant stem and support stick to wrap around them, squeeze the handle all the way down, then it is done.









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Plant upright tying tape tool