Grafting Tape Garden Tools


Grafting Tape Garden Tools is a must tool for all gardeners. The grafting tape is impregnated with microcrystalline wax, which enables to consolidate and protect the graft and especially the callus. It is used for reinforce the union between the rootstock and the scion and protect the graft from the air and water, which cause dehydration.

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Grafting Tape Garden Tools is environment friendly and harmless to plants. Excellent moister barrier for grafting and budding. The tape is strong and transparent with gentle stretch.


  • Product contains polyolefin and a little bit wax;
  • Waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and self-adhesive with gentle stretch;
  • Biodegradable in sunlight, allow gasses to pass through;
  • Excellent moister barrier for grafting and budding.


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Grafting Tape Garden Tools