Double-layer seedling tray


Let’s enjoy the pleasure of do-it-yourself as well as the delicious bean sprout with the Double-layer Seedling Tray! Made from BPA free PP material, this is a clean and easy way to sprout broccoli, alfalfa, radish, clover, or any small seeds. Sprouting can be done without soil or other additives.

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The white grid tray is full of small holes. The small holes in the bottom help the sprouts take root easily. The small holes around the tray are good for ventilating and prevent the root from rotting. It’s very easy to assemble. You can finish them easily and no tools needed. Saving your time to sprout various seeds and saving your space. Buy it now!

Usage Tips:

  1. Put a piece of white paper folded without crease in the tray, the election paper: can be kitchen paper, A4 paper, as long as there is no printing of white paper can be.
  2. Then paved paper tray, spray the water with a watering can, let the paper fully wet, keep the moisture, let the paper as a simulation of the soil to the bottom of the planting section.
  3. The soaked beans, evenly sprinkled on the already wet paper, and then shake, so that beans are evenly tiled on the tray.
  4. Beans shake to a very smooth, then covered with a layer of paper on the top, and then continue to spray, so that the top of the paper completely wet. The paper below is to fix the root system and let the beans take root; the paper above is to lock the moisture below.
  5. After spraying water twice a day, attention is to see the top of the paper dry, the top of the paper will be opened to spray the beans below, and then the top of the paper cover, and then continue to spray the top of the paper soaked . Let the water fully moist beans, usually 5-15 cm in height can be harvested

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Double-layer seedling tray
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